Three Different Ways to Wear a Maxi Dress

Three Different Ways to Wear a Maxi Dress

For the past few years maxi dresses have become a summer staple in most girl’s closets. The flowing silhouette, the light material and the whimsical designs make them the perfect piece to rock for the majority of summer. Whether you’ve throwing on your jersey maxi with no accessories, or dressing up your chiffon maxi for a night out, the number of ways to style this piece is almost infinite. If you have a maxi in your closet and are looking for a new way to wear it then keep reading!

Most girls break out their maxis in the summer but who says they have to remain in the back of your closet for the rest of the year? Did you know that you can just as easily and stylishly wear a maxi in the fall or winter as you can in the summer? If you think this sounds crazy then try this: pick a maxi that you love and find a chunky scarf and a cardigan that go with it.

Throw on these three pieces and you’ll be ready to braze that chilly fall breeze in style. Another way to make maxis appropriate for the cooler months is to throw on some tights under neath. Fleece lined tights are warmer than most pants and if you pair them underneath your maxi with some cute booties you’ll be ready to face the coldest weather that winter has to offer!

While maxis are a staple for the day time during the summer, by adding just a few touches you can take your casual maxi from a day time look to a formal look in no time. By virtue of being long and flowy, maxis are the perfect piece for nights out, formal dinners, and any fancy occasion. While it’s most common to pair maxis with sandals, try pairing it with a fancy pair of heels for a change. Throw on a statement necklace and slick your hair into a top knot and you’ve got the perfect look for warm summer nights. You’ll be sure to get a ton of compliments by pairing these pieces together!

For another unique maxi look, try pairing something over your dress that will make a statement. Think chambray button downs, fringed kimonos or even a crisp oxford. Adding any one of these over your maxi will have you looking fashion forward and chic in no time! Not to mention it will set you apart from all of the other girls wearing maxis around you!


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