Style Inspiration!

Style Inspiration!

Oh how street style never ceases to amaze us. Street style is one of the most unique sets of style there is. It’s urban while still chic. When it comes to this style people put two pieces together, that we could never imagine, and they wind up meshing extraordinarily well! Leave it to all you brilliant people to come up with tremendously great outfits for every set of clothing you own. When walking down the city or streets inspiration is emitting from all over. We love street style because it comes off as so effortlessly cool. It’s the type of style that will have people turning heads but instead you don’t have to be wearing an elegant gown. One example of street style is the photo above.

This outfit is beautiful and isn’t at all “too dressed up.” This blonde beauty began her outfit with an oversized graphic sweater. The sweater is all white with a French saying featured towards the middle. This sweater is chic and perfect for the cooler weather. A sweater like this one can most definitely be found at Forever 21 or H&M. You should most definitely consider purchasing an oversized sweater. Celebrities like Emma Watson are always seen rocking the trend amazingly. They’re comfy, cozy, and make a great outfit. How can you go wrong with an oversized sweater? When it to bottoms this is where it gets tricky, the model could have either been wearing a cream colored skirt, or a whole dress underneath the sweater. Either way, the outfit still looks extremely cute and the sweater on top with a peek of the skirt towards the bottom makes this outfit looks so well dressed without trying too hard. We absolutely love it.

To recreate an outfit like this would be extremely easy. Take any dress you may own and on top your favorite oversized sweater and bam, your outfit is cute, chic, and took less than 2 minutes. For shoes the model is wearing a pair of all black studded boots that blend entirely well within this ensemble. A beautiful pair of boots like these can be found at stores like Necessary Clothing or Boohoo. The model also included throughout her outfit a light washed denim jacket she is seen carrying on her arm. Denim jackets are fabulous but if your looking for more of an edge than replace the denim with leather! Leather jackets are extremely cute and would fit the criteria of street style greatly.

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