Stripes and Silk

Stripes and Silk

When we first came across this outfit on Pinterest we were blown away and for good reason. Have a look at it for a second and take it in. A simple striped shirt and those palazzo pants. While it doesn’t sound like much when written down that way it looks incredible in the photograph. Since we at Online Chic loved this outfit so much we decided to write a quick tutorial about how to recreate or channel this outfit in your very own wardrobe!

Like we said above when it comes to the components of this outfit, they’re actually very simple.

What makes this outfit so striking is that it’s an unusual combination. Palazzo pants have certainly made their way back onto the fashion scene but they’re normally paired with much dressier tops for night time. These particular palazzos are so gorgeous on their own to begin with. They’re the perfect white, slightly creamy color that looks flattering on almost everyone. Not only is the color flattering but so is the shape. The flared style is so slimming and figure flattering universally. While they looks similar to a maxi skirt the fact that they are actually pants make them so more unique and fashion forward. While everyone has a maxi skirt in their closet, palazzos are much rarer.

In this outfit the palazzos are paired with a simple striped t-shirt which keeps the outfit from looking like too much. The t-shirt is slightly cropped and the palazzos are high waisted which create a really interesting silhouette. We love how the white in the shirt matches the shade of the pants almost perfectly. It makes the outfit look seamless.

What really tops off this look is the accessories. While you can’t see the shoes because of the flared palazzos you know just by looking that there are some incredible high heels being hidden. They give the added height that is needed to pull of this look. The simple statement necklace adds the perfect touch of glamour without being over the top and the clear pink clutch is just a whole new level of fabulous. This model topped off the look with a high ponytail, some killer sunglasses, and simple makeup to keep the look fresh.

We hope this look inspires you to create something similar yourself! Let us know down below in the comments what you think of it!

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