Skate Your Way Into a Skater Dress!

Skate Your Way Into a Skater Dress!

You don’t have to be a celebrity to look your very best. Millions of girls all over the world create the most stunning outfits with clothing they find in thrift shops or a piece they already own in their closet. Here at Local Glamour, we love a gal that can create something striking using her own unique imagination or from simply finding inspiration in others. One outfit we absolutely fell in love with is the one seen photographed above. This ensemble inspired us greatly, we just couldn’t resist writing about it. Seen on this brunette beauty is a stunning all red skater dress.

This dress screams elegance yet also a spunky, creative feel. This dress can be worn for a glamorous dinner date or also for a night out with your friends. A dress like this so versatile, it’s a must have to add to your collection. Skater dresses are so flattering when it comes to your figure and look so sweet and sultry at the same time. It’s all about how you wear it! One celebrity that loves a good skater dress is Ariana Grande. This former Nickelodeon star knows how to create a hotter image for herself, especially when rocking a skater dress.

A dress like this looks one of a kind but something similar could most definitely be found at or The designing on skater dresses are absolutely endless. They range from floral, to lace, to mesh; you’re bound to find one you love! Keeping her shoes neutral the girl went for a pair of nude cuffed wedges that kept the simplicity of the outfit in tact. Throughout spring and summer every girl needs that one dress she feels absolutely stunning and proud to be wearing, go out and find the dress that just screams “you.” If your significant other has chosen to take you out somewhere nice for date night a skater dress could be the perfect outfit to wear! Go for a dark ruby red to really catch his attention and have him staring in awe. These dresses are striking and will definitely not be putting a dent in your budget. You wont regret buying one of these statement pieces.


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