Selena Gomez Seventeen Magazine Shoot

Selena Gomez Seventeen Magazine Shoot

This former Disney tween star isn’t afraid of breaking out of her shell providing herself with a very sexy yet classy look. Selena Gomez is showing girls that us females can do anything throughout this Seventeen Magazine photo-shoot. With many adolescents idolizing this chic young star who else would be perfect to be on the cover of Seventeen! Selena is looking absolutely stunning as her hair is windswept and her skin is glowing.

This photo has Ms. Gomez proving that girls can do anything, and empowering them every step of the way. Keeping her outfit very girly and chic we thought that the crop and cheetah skirt was a perfect combination. Selena was not afraid to bare some skin as she rocked a slight amount of midriff and her toned legs. Her shirt couldn’t be anymore cuter while also being inspirational; we are in love with the gold accented chain shoulders. Selena was kept as the main attraction throughout the photo but that doesn’t mean we can’t help but admire the background around her. Standing strong while the view of the city is seen behind her is enough to have us feel a sense of encouragement!

As Queen B herself once said throughout her song “Run the World (Girls)”, Selena kept that statement true as she stood on top of the world promoting girl power. We couldn’t be more pleased with Seventeen’s idea to use this 2014 issue to endorse female power and we couldn’t be more excited that Selena was chosen. The shoot was kept simple yet charming as her background was the bright blue sky and the lighting hit her in all the right places. We hope Seventeen continues to encourage us that all girls are beautiful!

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