Powerfully Blended Styles

Powerfully Blended Styles

We love when people take two distinctive styles and blend it into one! For example, feminine and edgy, two completely different meanings come together to create one amazingly unique outfit. That’s what fashion is all about though; we absolutely love how fashion speaks for us. One outfit we love that blends casual with city chic is the one photographed above. This outfit reminds us of a lunch day in the city, or shopping with your gals. This look is so cute and stylish and looks ever so easy to recreate. The outfit begins with a simple long sleeved red and white striped shirt.

This shirt was so casually cute and went beautifully throughout the outfit. A simple shirt like this can go a long way and can be mixed and matched with other pieces from your wardrobe. If your looking to purchase a long sleeved shirt like this one or any simple long sleeved tee you can buy them at really inexpensive stores like Forever 21 or Delia’s in the basics section. For bottoms the model went with a pair of denim loose fitted shorts. These shorts are a light washed feature and are so adorable when creating a casual look. A pair of shorts like these is comfy and can create multiple looks. Consider looking at ASOS or Missguided if wanting to buy a pair of shorts similar to the one in the picture. They will have an enormous amount of washes and distresses that you’ll definitely fall in love with! When it came down to shoes we are in love with these red sandals. They go together greatly with the striped red and white shirt and are so casual and comfy yet also so chic.

A pair of shoes like these are quick to put on if you’re in a rush but still have your outfit looking trendy and add that ounce of color. Now, what kept this outfit from looking too casual was the black blazer the model chose to wear on top of the striped shirt. The blazer adds a pinch of city chic to this more effortless look. The blazer was a great addition to the outfit making it seem much more polished and put together. We just love how the sleeves of the striped shirt peep out ever so carelessly at the ends of the blazer. If you’re looking for the perfect blazer check out H&M as they have a very wide selection of different blazers. The bright red purse was the perfect accessory to this outfit and gave it a push more into the direction of city chic. Top your look off with some gold accessories and you are good to go!

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