Miranda Kerr’s Flawless Wintertime Look

Miranda Kerr’s Flawless Wintertime Look

Victoria’s Secret model Miranda Kerr is looking extremely sophisticated and polished with this look when photographed walking the streets. Everything about this look just slays. Miranda hit the nail on the head with this look! We can’t help but want to be an international model just so we have an occasion to sport a look like this. Many people tend to say that thigh high boots come off as more trashy than classy but we couldn’t disagree more.

When done tastefully this booted trend can look beautiful and modish. Keeping her outfit within the color scheme of black and white we find Miranda looking extremely classy. The dress features a very unique pattern as it is the only item throughout this ensemble to have white featured on it. The black side of the dress helps accentuate Miranda’s already incredibly fit figure but also give off the illusion of a curvier figure and smaller waist. You can never say no to an article of clothing that’s going to make you look smaller in all of the right places. Then comes the sleek and sultry boots. We find that they blend perfectly within the outfit, especially with the dress.

Everyone loves to look sultry once in a while and a pair of boots like these will make you feel as though you are a million bucks. Investing in a pair of these for your next Valentine’s Day date with your significant other will have their eyes glued on to you the whole night. Miranda’s coat goes brilliantly along with the outfit, we love the oversized feel to it. A jacket like this is very fashionable and perfect for the fall and wintertime. Her brunette locks are perfectly side swept, really adding into the already classy and modern look. Wearing an all black large handbag clung to her side and a pair of black sunglasses Miranda Kerr looks absolutely flawless

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