Light Washed Denims & Cheetah Prints

Light Washed Denims & Cheetah Prints

This outfit is so absolutely chic yet remains so effortless. If you’re running a bit late and still want to look stylish an outfit like this should definitely be your go to inspiration. Featuring a few simple pieces that liven the look up, an ensemble like this would be perfect to wear in the springtime. When spring comes around it’s time to store away your darker shades and make way for lighter shades. This includes your whites, your pastels, and those bright colors we all adore.

This white-laced shirt is incredibly feminine and just screams “warm weather and sun.” We absolutely love the frills that poke out from the bottom of this lace-accentuated shirt. Remaining simple and chic, the black skinny jeans go tremendously well with the outfit and are perfect for showing off your assets. Whether you want to switch it up for a pair of all black leather skinny jeans, or rock a cotton fit is all up to you. After all, it’s all about experimenting with your style. Really providing this outfit with a nice edge are the adorable heeled cheetah print boots. They mesh beautifully within the outfit and spice it up from the typical all black heel. An animal print shoe or a bright pop of color is a great way to liven your look up a bit more without going too over the edge. Completing the outfit all together is the lovely light wash denim jacket. As the denim jacket creates a cuter, more girlish outfit, we think it fits in just well with the look this young fashionista was going for.

If you had wanted to make this outfit appear more edgy or even perfect for when falls rolls around just swap out your light wash denim jacket for a gorgeous leather motorcycle jacket and stun with a cranberry colored scarf around your neck. There are so many ways to fit your outfits from any season to conform to a perfectly put together outfit of your current season. Of course we couldn’t forget to mention the amazingly made top bun on her head. Setting the bar for looking not only chic and cute the model made it look so carelessly done. You cant get more stylish than this on a simple spring day.

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