Kate Moss Style Steal

Kate Moss Style Steal

You don’t have to be Kate Moss to dress like her! There are many cheaper and more affordable similar pieces you can put together to create her chic and effortless looks. This stunning model has been running the industry since the 90’s and we have no doubt why! Kate’s style can range from edgy to feminine in the blink of an eye. She is definitely one our many style inspirations!

If you’re looking to re create something edgy and chic than keep on reading this article. We’re going to break down this lovely ensemble Kate is wearing photographed above so you can come up with your own unique outfit similar to Kate’s!

Kate’s outfit starts off with a simple white tank. A white tank is a necessity. You can never go wrong with having a simple white tank throughout your wardrobe, it is considered to be one of the most versatile pieces there is! If by some chance you don’t own a white tank or tee, you can definitely purchase one at Forever 21 for as little as $3! We promise that you will find plenty of ways to style that simple white tank, just like Kate Moss has. Now comes the more edgy side of Kate’s outfit.

For bottoms she wore a pair of leather black shorts. When it comes to fashion, one piece can make a difference. If Kate had worn a pair of denim shorts, the outfit would be more casual, but those leather shorts made a very large impact.Leather shorts are extremely chic and flattering. If your looking for a pair of leather shorts than we definitely recommend checking out Boohoo.com or NastyGal. They’re sure to have a very large variety of leather shorts and your bound to find a pair you’ll fall in love with!

Kate Moss’s outfit became chicer and sleeker as she added a pair of tights onto her look that created a very grunge-like feeling. The tights meshed great within the rest of the outfit and completed it very well. Lastly, Kate topped her outfit off with a stunning coat. This coat featured leather pieces towards the top and intricate buttons and zippers throughout it.

The coat really gave the outfit the extra edge it was looking for and would be perfect for the fall and winter weather. A striking coat similar to this one can be bought at H&M or GUESS. Now that you’ve learned how to recreate Kate’s stunning outfit go out there and have the world be your runway!

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