Elegant Work Appropriate Attire

Elegant Work Appropriate Attire

Unless your job requires you to wear a uniform, that doesn’t mean that you have to dress bland when it comes to work. There are many chic and elegant pieces you can put together throughout your wardrobe that would look stylish yet still be work appropriate. You can find many ideas of work appropriate outfits all over the Internet without having to put a dent through your budget. If you’re a true fashion lover you wont let work stop you from showcasing your creations. Just remember to keep it elegant and chic. We found the perfect outfit we believe would be excellent for work and have your co-workers complimenting you all day!

This outfit is a beautiful all black and white ensemble with a pop of red. The shirt is a white long sleeved low V-neck that doesn’t reveal too much. This shirt is elegant and very flattering. The long V is very tasteful and remains classy and appropriate for the work environment. A shirt like this one can be found at many stores including GUESS or JCPenney. The white long sleeved shirt was then tucked into a gorgeous pair of wide legged pants. These pants are high waisted and don’t cling to your skin. A pair of pants like these are extremely figure flattering and make your legs seem endless. We love that these pants are black but if your looking to add a noticeable pop of color into your outfit don’t be afraid to wear a beautiful pastel pink or red. A pair of pants like these can be found at H&M or Nordstrom.

Since the wide legged pants are very long, when it comes to shoes you can go either way. The length in the pants is perfect if you’re considering wearing a pair of heels. Your heels are hidden making your appearance seem that you’re naturally taller. What we love about the all black and white ensemble is that when it comes to accessories you can play around with all sorts of bright colors. The model went for a noticeably stunning pair of red earrings that popped within the black and white. For makeup, she chose a striking bright red lip that remained classy and would be perfect and simple for the work place. Her hair was kept sleek and polished in loose waves that hung loosely to her side. Always remember just because its work doesn’t mean you have to leave your style influence at home!

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