Delicious Food Substitutes that will Satisfy your Taste buds and Body

Delicious Food Substitutes that will Satisfy your Taste buds and Body

Eating healthy is good for you, that’s something we all know but eating healthy is also hard. Who in their right mind wants to give up delicious cookies, French fries, and sodas amongst other things in favor of healthier options? It’s surely a difficult decision to make and it the most intimidating part can be beginning the change. That being said, the effects of giving up unhealthy foods is so great on our bodies that we should be putting in the extra effort in order to do so. In order to begin one’s healthy eating journey there are small steps we can take to eliminate fattening foods from our diet. Those steps can easily begin with food swapping. Food swapping is simple, all you have to do is substitute one unhealthy food for a healthier alternative. You will surprised at how many alternatives there are. Here are just a few examples that will have a huge impact on your diet!

1) Potato chips -> Kale chips

Potato chips are a stable when it comes to junk food. The greasy goodness of those thinly sliced and deep fried potatoes can get even the healthiest eater’s mouth to water. But did you know that kale chips are an equally tasty alternative? If you don’t believe us, try them out for yourself. They’re just as crunchy and just as flavorful as regular potato chips. The best part is that they can easily be made at home. Just cut and wash some kale, toss liberally with olive oil, sea salt and garlic and put them in the oven until they are crisp! Once you start eating kale chips you will never look at potato chips the same away again!

2) Sugar -> Honey

Are you a baker? Do you sometimes cringe at the amount of sugar that goes into baked goods? You’re not alone. Many people are boycotting baked goods because of the heinous amounts of sugar that go into them. While they seem like a fun treat while being consumed the after effects are something to consider. Refined sugar can cause a buildup of fats and toxins in the body. It can also cause many diseases. This doesn’t mean you have to give up baked goods altogether! You can easily substitute raw honey in place of sugar in many recipes. The honey will add another layer of flavor and depth to your cakes, muffins etc and you won’t even feel guilty about consuming them!

3) Juices/sodas -> Infused water

Juices and sodas are a huge culprit when it comes to sugar intake. One can of soda can contain up to 22 sachets of sugar. Just let that sink in! Juices are not much better even though they may seem like a healthy alternative. Why not try flavored water instead? Infused water often times tastes better than sodas and juices and you will never have to feel guilty about drinking it. Who couldn’t use a bit more water in their lives? All you have to do is cut up some fruit of your choice and put in your water. Let it set for a few hours and you’re good to go!