Comfy Overall Style

Comfy Overall Style

Eek, can it get any cuter than this little ensemble right here? Some of the most chic outfits are the ones that are more on the casual side. And that’s better for us, the more effortless the cuter the outfit is! You guys have got to be loving this one as much as we do. What’s better than casual chic? You look cute while also feeling comfy! This outfit has got to be one of the easiest ones to recreate almost exactly! This look can be worn for a day out lounging at the park, for a brunch date, or a day at university! When it comes to this look it all starts with a simple white tee! Whatever tee you use is up to you.

The model photographed in the picture above chose a cream colored knit like top. This top is incredibly cute but any plain top you own can work just as well! No need to go out searching for the perfect plain tee when you most likely already own one! If you’re looking for a knitted tee like this one because you just can resist how cute it is (we don’t blame you) then Forever 21 would definitely have you covered! With their endless varieties you’re bound to buy the whole store! Now onto those stylish overalls!

Overalls are back in and we are loving them! They’re just too cute and comfy not to love. These overalls are a light wash pair featuring distressing towards the bottoms. We love the casual and effortless atmosphere overalls give off. If your looking to create an even more disheveled careless look choose to keep one of the overall straps undone. Overalls are just in our opinion effortlessly perfect. To grab yourselves a chic pair of overalls ASOS and Missguided always have a cute pair hanging around!

Pick up a pair and start brainstorming all the outfit ideas you can come up with this trendy piece. For shoes the model kept it simple in what appears to be a pair of toms. Any sandal or flat would look just as cute with an outfit like this and requires less spending to be done! Accessories were kept to a minimum with just a beautiful black handbag and a few gold bracelet pieces. Any accessories would look cute with this chic outfit, purchase yourself a pair of overalls and stand in your bedroom mirror coming up with your own ideas!

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