Chic Pastel Peplum Outfit!!

Chic Pastel Peplum Outfit!!

We love pastels for the spring and summer season! The colors are so pretty and look flattering against all skin tones. If you’re not exactly sure how to wear pastels or what looks good with them we are more than glad to help! The pastel trend is something we want no one to stray away from. Millions of people pull off this look so effortlessly and we love finding inspiration from all over. Once you join the pastel trend you’ll be hooked (we know we are!) We’ve looked all over the Internet and we’ve deemed this outfit to have pulled off the pastel look amazingly. This outfit is so chic and stylish! It is work appropriate and an amazing outfit for a day around the city!

This young fashionista began her outfit with a cream-colored peplum top that featured a golden peter pan collar! Peplum tops are really making their way around the fashion universe. They are so figure flattering and hug tightly in all the right places. They accentuate your bust and hold on to your waist tightly while flaring out towards the ends. Peplum tops come in a variety of different colors and are extremely affordable! Forever 21 and Boohoo sell an abundant amount of different styled peplum tops and is worth checking out. Now, to the pastel part of the outfit, the brunette beauty wore a simply stunning pair of mint skinny jeans. These jeans add the perfect amount of color into the look creating a cheery vibe. The jeans hug tightly to the models legs and flatter them nicely. Pastel jeans, shirts, shorts, etc. can be found at any of your favorite retail stores and are worth buying!

You should at least own one pastel piece and see how many outfits you can create with it! When it came down to shoes the model went for a pair of nude peep-toe heels. We love that she had chosen a nude heels as it blended so well within the rest of her outfit. Whether you want to wear a heel or a flat is your choice, either one will look great no matter what! Accessorizing this look came easy to this fashionista, she had with her a gorgeous large bad that also was a nude neutral color with a bright turquoise ribbon tied to the side and a pair of chic sunnies on her face. We hope that this outfit gave you a little insight into the trend that is pastels and outfit ideas are already brewing within your mind.

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