Boho Vibes

Boho Vibes

Bohemian chic has made its way through every celebrity and fashionistas closet. It doesn’t require much effort to create a very boho ensemble. It is actually real quick and easy. Inspiration can be found all over the Internet or in our daily lives, you’re bound to create something that gives off a boho vibe.

A few essentials are needed though to give off that boho-chic look your going for. We found this lovely photo that we thought resembled bohemian chic perfectly and doesn’t require a lot of money to spend to achieve this look. This picture features a gorgeous fashionista rocking her ensemble beautifully! We love this outfit and think it would be absolutely perfect for school, a day out with friends, or a walk in the park.

The outfit begins by a simple striped t-shirt dress. This dress is adorable and would look so cute paired with anything really! The stripes are figure flattering and create a cute and effortless feel. For a cooler day throughout the spring, summer, or fall pair off a simple striped dress like this with a denim jacket and your look would be complete!

A dress like the one featured on this fashion savvy girl can be found anywhere from thrift shops to Forever 21 and H&M. You can find the perfect striped dress from those retail stores for an extremely affordable price. Fashion doesn’t always have to cost big bucks! For shoes the girl seems to have chosen a pair of black pointed toe boots.

A great shoe to wear for an ensemble like this would be a gorgeous pair of brown or black Chelsea boots. Chelsea boots can be found at Dr. Martens or Chelsea boots are the perfect pointed toe boot and look incredible with any outfit. What really created the boho chic look was her gorgeous boho black felt hat.

This hat is gorgeous and can be used with any outfit. It is perfect for those sunny days out and also great at protecting you’re face from the harsh UV rays while still looking cute doing so! A bohemian hat like this one can be purchased at Missguided or Urban Outfitters and is definitely well worth the money. The young brunette beauty then completed off her look with a simple chained black bag that hung low on her side. An outfit like this is extremely cute and all these pieces can be worn for all seasons.

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