Blue & White Striped Madness!

Blue & White Striped Madness!

It’s amazing how one piece can either make or break a look when it comes to fashion. You can find one unique piece you love and create the rest of your outfit according to that one article of clothing. It can be quite exhilarating if you’re a true fashion enthusiast. That is what people love about fashion; one piece can really be used to dress a look up or down. The outfit photographed above is one that we feel centered its look to one piece and looked gorgeous doing so. The stunning brunette fashionista wore a loose fitted off the shoulder shirt that had a very care-less look to it.

Off the shoulder shirts are casual and comfy, they create the perfect effortless vibe and reveal just a slight amount of skin. Off the shoulder shirts can be found at any of your favorite stores. You can choose to get yours a few sizes bigger to create a slouchier look but also form fitted as well. The piece that we love that we feel the outfit was created around was the gorgeous blue and white striped pants. These pants are skintight and the ends are rolled up creating a very chic look. People have an ongoing debate on whether stripes are figure flattering or not, we believe that they are and we use this outfit as an example to rest our case. We find that stripes can really accentuate your figure making your legs appear longer if featured in a pair of jeans.

These pants are absolutely adorable and a cute pair like these can most definitely be found at Forever 21 or Charlotte Russe. They’ll be very inexpensive and can create a variety of stylish outfits. As much as we love the pants we know that you’re eyeing those shoes just as much as we are! These buckled cut out boot heels are gorgeous! If you enjoy shoes just as much as we do then we know that you’re loving these. These shoes are perfect and comfy for a more casual day out and wont be killing your feet. A chic pair of booties similar to these can be found at ASOS or DSW. Adding to the effortless yet stylish vibe this look is giving off are a pair of mirrored aviators. We love aviators especially these mirrored ones (nobody can see your eyes so free range to check out all the people you like!) and they don’t have to be expensive! A knockoff pair of these can be bought at Amazon for $20!

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