3 Tips For Baking the Perfect Cake

3 Tips For Baking the Perfect Cake

Baking can be one of the most fun culinary activities you will ever do. There’s almost nothing as rewarding as taking a bunch of miscellaneous ingredients and turning them into a confectionery masterpiece. From cakes, to muffins, to bread the possibilities are endless when it comes to backing. However, just as much as we’d like to think that our cakes will turn out perfectly with the stir of the spoon and a flick of the wrist, there’s much more that goes into it. Even the smallest mistake can end up ruining our baked goods so it’s important to have a basic understanding of the do’s and don’ts of baking. Here are 3 tips that will ensure you’re cake always turns out perfectly.

1) Follow the exact instructions of the recipes

We always think we can cut corners when it comes to recipes. Using a little bit more or less than required, not adding the ingredients in the order listed, mixing the ingredients in a way other than what is written. These are all things that wouldn’t matter in ordinary cooking. Baking, however is an exact science. If a recipe calls for 1 and 3/7’s of a teaspoon, it means it. When it comes to baking it is crucial to read the recipe and follow the instruction 100%. Otherwise when you’re cake comes out crumbly or dry you won’t have any excuses!

2) Set a timer

Setting a timer whenever you are baking for the exact number of minutes the recipe calls for. There’s nothing worse than seeing your perfectly mixed and measured cake come out burned around the edges because you left it in for too long. Setting a timer will ensure that your cake comes out exactly when it’s supposed to. This will make a huge difference in the appearance and taste of your cake.

3) Never Frost a Hot cake

Once your cake has gotten out of the oven let it cool completely before you frost it. While it might be tempting to frost the cake right away and serve it quickly, it will completely ruin the cake. The frosting will melt all over a hot or even slightly warm cake. You won’t be able to get the frosting off and the runny colors and melted texture will result in an unpleasant look and appearance for your cake.

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