Tribal Printed Crop Top

Tribal Printed Crop Top

Summer time is the perfect time to put away the jackets and scarves and bring out the crop tops and shorts. We think crop tops and high waisted shorts are one of the most easiest and effortless ways to look chic and stylish. The weather is hot and you need to show some skin! Doesn’t matter who you are, or what body you have, you are all beautiful! Fashion claims no size! One outfit we find absolutely adorable for the summer is the photograph placed above. This outfit is so perfect and casual for a summer day hanging with friends and deserves to own a place throughout your wardrobe. The top the stunning girl is wearing throughout the photo is an extremely cute tribal crop top. This crop top bares the perfect amount of skin to keep you feeling cool during the summer heat.

Crop tops are so figure flattering and really cling tight to your skin. You can get crop tops at Forever 21 and Boohoo for such inexpensive prices! Pretty soon your whole wardrobe will be full with chic crops tops! The high waisted shorts featured on this lovely girl were absolutely gorgeous! As you know, we love high waisted shorts! You can never go wrong when it comes to them. These high waisted shorts are light wash and distressed so perfectly. They cover most of the stomach and will bare just the perfect amount of your toned tummy. We cannot stress it enough how easy it is to throw on any crop top and high waisted shorts and be ready for your day! It requires minimum to no effort yet still leaves you looking chic and well dressed!

To buy a good pair of high waisted shorts we recommend checking out or American Apparel. features everyday people designing their shorts hand made! All you have to do is put in your sizes and expect the perfect pair of shorts! American Apparel can be quite expensive so check out Etsy before making a hefty purchase! To complete the outfit you can either wear a pair of heels if you’re feeling more daring but if your into looking more casual opt for a pair of everyday sandals or flats. Don’t forget to accessorize! When it came to accessorizing this girl kept it simple with a simple bracelet and a pair of gorgeous earrings keeping her accessories neutral without adding too much color.

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