The Perfect Go To Outfit For Any Occasion

The Perfect Go To Outfit For Any Occasion

Did your jaw drop as soon as you saw this gorgeous outfit? We sure know ours did and that’s why we want to help you recreate this incredibly chic look at home. Outfits that are simple, striking and fashionable like this one are few and far between and we were so surprised (in the best possible way) after stumbling across this look on a long day that consisted scrolling through fashion blogs for fashion inspiration.

Not to mention, this outfit is perfect for almost all occasions from a night out to a day at the office. So let’s talk about what makes this outfit so great. Like we mentioned, part of it is the simplicity of the look. The skinny jeans, the nude heels, and the black blazer are something that we can find in almost any girl’s closet.

What really takes this outfit over the edge is the small details on the clothes and the way the clothing compliments the figure of the woman who is wearing it. Even if you’re not a model, you can recreate this look by choosing elements that you know will compliment your body and make you look and feel your best. So let’s break down this outfit piece by piece and discuss how to create it at home.

For starters, you will need the basic elements that make up this look. Your jeans don’t have to skinny. The goal of recreating the look is to make an outfit that will look flattering and fashionable on you, not to copy the look piece for piece. Find a pair of jeans that you love and that make you feel incredible. These particular jeans are ripped at the knees which is a really popular look right now. We love the idea of wearing ripped jeans with such an otherwise structured look. It’s refreshing and fashion forward! Remember these elements when you construct your own outfit!

The top part of this outfit consists of a black blazer paired with a black t-shirt underneath. It’s certainly nothing revolutionary but the white details on the black blazer and the simplicity of the pieces paired together create a gorgeous aesthetic. This blazer doesn’t nip in at the waist like most blazers do but you can use any blazer that you have in your closet to create this look at home even if it’s not black. Make sure to pair it with a t-shirt or a tang top that is the same color as the blazer to keep the outfit from becoming too busy.

The jeans and blazer are paired with the perfect pair of nude heels and a long necklace. We love the way they compliment the clothes without taking any of the attention away from them! If you decide to recreate this outfit at home make sure to let us know how you liked it in the comments below!

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