Simply Beautiful City Look

Simply Beautiful City Look

Everyday someone seems to impress us with his or her amazingly well dressed style skills. Today, the outfit seen above was enough to make us hit the nearest retail store to recreate our own version of this incredibly urban and edgy outfit. Living in a city gives plenty of opportunities to not only be inspired, but also inspire others with your creatively put together outfits. That is why street style is an all time favorite of ours. Whether you live in The Big Apple or some rural town in the middle of nowhere you can be the one to inspire others with your incredibly chic look. This outfit seems so well pieced together that you might think that you would never be able to mimic it, but you’re wrong! Looking at this outfit, you’ll see that it features just a few simple pieces that turn it into this trendsetting style.

Take the shirt for example, we love the oversized white button down shirt. Whether you’ve decided to borrow your significant others shirt for the day or have one laying around in your closet an oversized shirt like this is a fabulous way to conjure up an outfit. Now, what created the modern edgy look in this outfit was the gorgeous black leather skirt. Leather has been seen and featured in a lot of looks lately, making it easy to find at almost any retail store. What to remember when imitating an outfit you find so much inspiration from is to not break the bank while doing so! You don’t have to look for the exact piece the model may have been wearing, odds are you might not even find that one specific piece. Keep it within your budget and you’ll still end up looking incredibly stylish and chic! That’s why when it come to shoes any pair of black booted heels or even flats may work.

A cute idea if you’re planning to wear a pair of black boots is to put on a pair of long black socks, so once your boot are on, you can scrunch the socks down to your shoe making the neck of the shoe appear longer while still creating a carelessly chic look. An outfit like this is great for school when you’re looking to make an appearance while still looking like you didn’t have to try at all. Styling with the bag of your choice, the model opted for a large shoulder bag, you can go the same route and add in a sleek pair of sunglasses so that you’re ready to conquer your day!

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