Selena Gomez’s Hot Style

Selena Gomez’s Hot Style

Here at Local Glamour, we believe that Selena Gomez is the embodiment of all that is effortlessly chic. Seriously, have you seen this girl? She can make anything look good! Selena is such a huge role model to many young girls yet still manages to keep herself looking good without going too overboard with it. Every outfit we have ever seen Selena wear has been so relaxed yet at the same time sultry and sweet. She likes to keep it comfy and chic and that is definitely the way to go, but boy can she look glamorous when headed to an awards show. We love the versatility throughout this young stars wardrobe as it provides much inspiration to us fellow fashionistas.

One outfit that goes perfectly with everything we were just mentioning is this ensemble right here. Really Selena, first you make us envious with your sense of style and now your killer body, sigh. We adore the long sleeved black crop top. It shows the perfect amount of tummy and that low v has provocative written all over it. Selena kept her outfit tasteful, not baring an abundant amount of cleavage. Just like we had said, she keeps it so effortlessly beautiful! Showing off a little leg as well, Selena wore a gorgeous navy blue high waisted skirt.

The skirt featured many layers and a slit on the side that didn’t go too high up either. It was at the perfect length to keep her mobile without suffering a dreaded wardrobe malfunction. We know for sure an outfit like this is definitely one for a springs’s eve. Accessorize with a few silver pieces to create more depth into your look and possibly rock a simple pair of chic sandals like Selena had! We noticed Selena Gomez had a lightweight scarf hanging from her hand and thought that would look brilliant throughout the outfit as well. If you like try to incorporate a lightweight scarf that wont cast too much heat upon you but more so to accessorize your look more. It’s always fun to play with accessories!

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