Kendall Jenner Steamy Swimsuit Shoot

Kendall Jenner Steamy Swimsuit Shoot

Looks like this Jenner has started a name for herself throughout the exhilarating world of fashion. Not hiding underneath her older sisters shadows Kendall has managed to book many exclusive photo-shoots and deals including becoming the new face of Agua Bendita’s 2014 swimwear line. Kendall Jenner holds a very influential part meaning that many teens look up to this brunette beauty. Who better to have as the new face than someone who many adolescents feel they can relate to? The shoot was kept moderately simple as Kendall posed beside the background of a vividly blue swimming pool.

Kendall was put in a gorgeously abstract bikini top that highlighted her bronzed skin. The emphasis put upon her toned and tanned skin would have any buyer in awe. Keeping the styling unique instead of placing the newly model into a pair of bikini bottoms she was put in a pair of vivaciously printed pants. As the background remains very neutral Kendall herself stands out amongst everything else, mainly keeping the attention on her rather than what happens to be around her. The shoot is meant to grab the attention of adolescents by making it seem very much relatable, which is in fact what teens and anyone matter of fact do around the pool, lounge! Nothing extravagant was needed to draw the notice of many except keep it as natural and simple as possible. Really showcasing their swimsuits with the energetic and bright vibe they give off throughout the picture we absolutely love the contrast between the pool and the outfit.

All attention is immediately shown to Kendall and her bright ensemble as it stands out beautifully compared to her surroundings. The lighting shows every inch of Kendall’s taut and toned tummy. Truly proving to many by her dozens of photo-shoots and covers Kendall is becoming quite a big deal. Swap out the basic bikini for something interesting and one that will have you standing out from the rest of the pool. Don’t underestimate the power of a good swimsuit; Kendall is the perfect example of such words brilliantly showing off how amazing one can look with the perfect piece. The photographer was ingenious when it came down to having certain lighting angles really have Kendall look as though she had been glowing from the blazing sun hitting her skin. Some seemed to have been more bronzed and tan while others shone beautifully upon her.

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