How to Make the Perfect Macaron at Home

How to Make the Perfect Macaron at Home

Ahh, macarons. There’s nothing quite like the mildly sweet taste and intense flavor of a French macaron. These little almond pastries have ruled the dessert scene for hundreds of years and they’re not about to go anywhere. Their flaky yet soft texture, sweet filling, and smooth exterior make them not only the perfect treat to eat but to look at as well. Macarons are notoriously finicky when it comes to baking. Even a small misstep in the process can ruin an entire, perfectly prepared batch.  Part of the reasons why macarons are so expensive is because they are so labor intensive to make. Not to mention, the ingredients that go into them are top quality in order to maintain a certain standard. While recipes vary according to each person who makes them the techniques that go into perfecting them remain the same. That’s why we wanted to share some great tips for making them at home! Following these tips will definitely increase your chances of getting perfect macarons at home!

1. Weigh your ingredients

With cookies as delicate and precise at macarons you absolutely can’t get away with using a measure cup. That’s because measuring cups are much less accurate than scales. You need to have a scale in order to weigh your ingredients in grams. This will give you the most accurate measure and ensure that you are using the exact amount of each ingredient you need. Without a scale it’s best to skip making macarons altogether.

2. Bang your macarons on the counter

After you’ve made the batter for your macarons and have spooned them out onto your trays bang the trays on your table to ensure that you’re getting all of the air bubbles out of them. Without doing so your macarons will not be smooth on top. Bang each tray at least a couple of times. If you still see air bubbles on the surface of your macarons you can use a toothpick to pop them.

3. Leave on counter before baking

Before putting your trays into the oven make sure you leave out your unbaked macarons for at least 20 minutes until they are slightly hard on top. You should be able to touch them without having your finger make an indentation on the cookie.

4. Rotate while baking

While baking your cookies make sure to rotate them to ensure that all of the cookies are getting an equal amount of heat.