How to dress like the Style Goddess, Miranda Kerr

How to dress like the Style Goddess, Miranda Kerr

Miranda Kerr is about as genetically blessed as it gets. The Australian beauty and former Victoria’s Secret Angel is known for her enviable physique, famously smooth skin, and beautiful face. When it comes to looks, she’s got the whole package. But that’s not where it stops. Even though Miranda could look amazing in a garbage bag, every time she leaves her home she’s immaculately dressed, adding even more beauty to her persona. While it might be impossible to get her body, her style is certainly not unattainable. The best part is that even though she has a wardrobe filled with designer goods, many similar pieces can be found at affordable stores such as H&M, Forever 21, and Zara. Here are a few things to keep in mind if you’re interested in recreating her look at home.

1) Have a selection of skinny jeans

Miranda is most often seen in skinny jeans. They’re a huge staple in her closet. With her legs, she looks incredible in them but luckily for us mortals skinny jeans are something that look good on almost anyone. Find a cut and wash that flatters your shape and you’ll look just as good as Miranda. Miranda’s skinnies range from dark washed, to ripped up, to leather, to all different colors so have fun with yours as well! And always remember to be confident because you’re bound to look good when you feel good!

2) The accessories make the look

While Miranda’s clothes are undeniably incredible, she always elevates her look by having the perfect bag, shoes, and sunglasses. Miranda has an amazing collection of designer bags that would make any girl drool. They range from cross bodies, to totes to clutches. However, don’t think that just because you don’t have the same budget that you can’t have similar bags. You can save up to invest in a classic bag like a Chanel or Dior piece. And you can always pick up bags in similar designs for less money at places like River Island, TopShop, and Michael Kors.

3) Blazers

Whether she’s grocery shopping or out at an event Miranda Kerr is rarely seen without a sophisticated blazer to top off her incredible outfits. They add a huge dimension of class and elegance to her outfits. They’re a great way to balance a revealing piece like a short shirt or a sleeveless top. Mirada has blazers in a huge range of colors and styles so make sure you play around with the look and don’t limit yourself to just black!


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