Heels vs. Flats: What You Need to Know

Heels vs. Flats: What You Need to Know

When it comes to shoes people will often stick to one style for the majority of their lives. Those who love wearing heels will wear them even if their just stepping out for some groceries and those who love flats will wear them to any occasion, no matter how fancy. However, their’s more to the shoe divide than meets the eye. Your choice of shoes has a great impact on your body from your feet to your spine. We did some research to figure out all of the pros and cons of wearing heels vs. flats. There are definitely negatives associated with both and it’s important that you know about them before picking out your shoes.

While you might think that wearing flats will save you from from all of the problems associated with wearing heels including bunions that’s not necessarily the case. Waring flats presents a whole different set of problems. Flats for the most part often lack support that is needed for your ankles and arches. Flats are flimsy and they don’t offer the support your feet need especially if you are going to be walking around all day. Walking around in a flimsy pair of flats is equally damaging to your feet as walking around in a pair of platform heels. When shopping for flats always make sure that they offer adequate support for your feet and are cushioned. You might have to pay a bit extra but your feet will thank you for it in the long run.

When it comes to heels it’s best to wear them for short amounts of time when you know you won’t be doing much walking. Heels have the potential to carry out tremendous damage to your feet if worn improperly. Heels can cause bunions that can only be removed by having surgery, not to mention corns and blisters that are painful. Heels can also cause a massive deterioration of your arches. If you must wear heels try wearing short heels that have platforms to minimize the amount of pressure placed on your feet. While heels are incredibly cute and attractive, it’s best to think about the effects they have on your body in the long run.

Next time you are picking out shoes, make sure to keep these facts in mind!

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