Graphic Tees & Knee High Socks

Graphic Tees & Knee High Socks

Fall fashion is very versatile and can be mixed and matched using some of your summer clothes along with a few fall essentials. The weather is much cooler, so now it’s time to bring out your lightweight jackets and scarves! When fall rolls around all you fashionista’s really know how to style yourselves. Unique pieces are chosen and layering begins to happen! One outfit that would be amazing and fall appropriate is the outfit seen above! This outfit is the sheer essence of a chic fall outfit. It’s enough to keep you warm but still to show off your style! The outfit begins with a simple graphic tee tucked into a gorgeous maroon colored skirt. This outfit features the perfect amount of femininity yet also edge.

Graphic tees are inexpensive and can be found at any retail store. This gorgeous skirt is perfect for fall as the colors begin to get warmer and neutral as the cold weather approaches. Tucking this shirt into the skirt was a great choice and looks perfect together. You can also use a navy colored skirt or any warmer neutral colored skirts you have in your wardrobe. You don’t have to imitate the outfit exactly, that is just a waste of money, it’s about finding pieces throughout your closet you already own! One thing we absolutely love about fall fashion is knee high socks! Knee high socks are an amazing way to look chic and stylish while also keeping warm. Knee high socks not only look amazingly cute with skirts but also with shorts as well! Knee high socks are cheap and a necessity this fall. You can buy a pair of knee high socks at Asos or American Apparel! You won’t regret that purchase!

We promise you’ll find millions of ways to style them. To keep herself cozy while still looking cute the model wore a military jacket! We have spoken about military jackets before and our love for them! They are always trending throughout fall and your bound to see a bunch of fashionistas like yourselves wearing them this season. As far as shoes go we love the pair that was chosen. These striking pair of taupe heels mesh so beautifully throughout the outfit. They’re laced up heeled booties that contain a very neutral color and are gorgeous. The model completed her outfit with a thick knitted scarf that matched the color of her shoes greatly. The colors and shades that were chosen are all very warm colors and prepare to receive multiple compliments from others throughout your day.

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