Fierce & Flashy Style

Fierce & Flashy Style

Army colored jackets, pants, and shorts have always been a very trendy style. The color is edgy and gives off a very carefree vibe. We are all for army colored pieces as they make any simple outfit feel very vivacious. There are plenty of ways to style this trend nowadays and one outfit we thought might spark some creative inspiration throughout your brain is the one seen above. Talk about daring and effortless, everything about this outfit stands out from the simple pieces to the killer shoes.

The slightly oversized white tank bares a lot of skin and looks so carelessly done. Tucked away into the pants, we love the risk this model went for. There is nothing wrong with baring a little skin once in awhile. If you’re not exactly comfortable with your bra showing or prefer a more conservative look, you can always wear a little black bandeau underneath. It’ll help you feel more secure and cover up so it’s as though you’re not showing off your bra to the world. Whether it’s a muscle tank or not we love the low armholes, especially during summer when the sun is being brutal. These army pants are beautifully designed with gold accents and zippers featured towards the bottoms.

The model kept her zippers slightly undone contributing to her minimal effort look while the pants accentuated her long slim legs. Stores from Forever 21 to H&M stock up on anything army related especially with fall coming up so make sure to check them out if you’ve thought about purchasing a pair similar to these. Now, these shoes are just fierce. We love peek-a-boo effect with the cut outs and have this blonde beauty looking fabulous. Every girl is always in need of a fierce heel in her shoe collection. With a chunky golden chained necklace around her neck and a black handbag this model looks like she’s ready to break some hearts.

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