City Chic Style This Spring

City Chic Style This Spring

One style we absolutely love is city chic! City chic is one of the most sleek and trendy styles out there to this day. It truly doesn’t take much to achieve this fashionable trend. When we think of city chic we think of effortless yet still tasteful. Whether you live in a city or a suburb, city chic is appropriate for work and for a day out with the gals. Don’t overthink this trend too much; it can be anything your imagination comes up with! One example we think that portrays the idea of city chic perfectly is the photo featured above.

This outfit is extremely well dressed and can give off a very natural look without trying too hard. The model throughout the photo wore a cream colored shirt that had a slouchy look to it. The top was short sleeved and perfect for the fall weather. The top was tucked into a pair of light washed denim boyfriend jeans. Boyfriend jeans are the epitome of everything effortless. If you don’t have a pair of boyfriend jeans lounging around your closet by now, you have to go out and get a pair. Boyfriend jeans are climbing the social ladder and are being worn by fashionistas all over! They are the perfect jeans for autumn weather. If you’re not feeling the light washed look than boyfriend jeans come in a variety of different shades and distresses. Wear a pair of dark washed boyfriend jeans with a cropped white tank top to give off a very casual vibe. Boyfriend jeans can be found at stores like H&M and Forever 21.

To give this look seen on the model even more of a work appropriate impression pair your outfit with a bright blazer. Not only will it look more suitable but also add a pop of color to your look! Just picture a gorgeous bright red blazer placed onto the outfit, we are and we absolutely love it. Just cause it’s work doesn’t mean you have to look bland, that’s what city chic is all about! Top this outfit off with a pair of gorgeous heels of your choice, which is what is going to turn this outfit from everyday casual to city chic! The model opted for a pair of black-strapped heels that look fabulous throughout this outfit. When it comes to accessories don’t be afraid to pack them on, it’s going to create a more fashionable vibe and contribute to the look you’re going for. Grab your purse and you’re off for a day around the town!

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