5 Fun and Flirty Trends Not to Miss Out on this Summer

5 Fun and Flirty Trends Not to Miss Out on this Summer

Who doesn’t love summer fashion? Light materials, pretty prints, and pastel colors are just a few of the fantastic things that summer fashion has to offer. This summer there are dozens of trends taking the runway by storm. However, us girls all know that certain trends look better on the runway than they do in real life. But there’s no need to worry girls, LocalGlamour has done all of the work for you and we’ve scouted out five fun and flirty trends that will look as amazing as they do on the catwalk as they will down the streets of your very own city. Without further ado, here they are!


  1. The Shirt Dress

This little piece is sure to make your sartorial life so much easier. The shirt dress is versatile and flattering on all figures. It’s the perfect piece to take you from day to night and you can even use it as a chic cover up on the beach. We highly recommend investing in a great quality shirt dress. You won’t be sorry when you see how much wear you get out of it!


  1. Mellow Yellow

Yellow is THE color for summer. This bright hue literally screams summer. A yellow sundress is sure to get you tons of compliments at any party and will make you stand out from everyone else. Before you start making excuses about yellow being an impossible color to pull off, know that there’s literally a shade of yellow for everyone! You just have to make sure that the shade you choose compliments your skin tone.


  1. Palazzo Pants

These light and airy pants are sure to keep you cool and stylish in the hot summer months. Palazzo pants are so fun and like the other pieces on this list they are greatly versatile! You can pair them with anything from a plain t-shirt to a tang top, to a fun blouse. They come in almost all colors and if you’re feeling adventurous you can buy a boldly printed pair. Top them off with some fun sandals and you’re good to go for a night out!


  1. Flats

You heard us right girls, flats are back and they’re here to stay! You no longer have to bear the discomfort of feels to feel fashionable. Flats are back with a vengeance. From sliders to ballet flats, to fun, bedazzled sandals there’s a flat out there for everyone! These babies will keep you comfy the whole day and ensure you’re having fun without worrying about tiring out your feet!


  1. Not So Skinny Jeans

Remember when you thought you’d never buy another pair of flared denim again after discovering skinny jeans. Well you just might change your mind by the time you get to the end of this paragraph! Baggy jeans are all the rage and not only are they flattering on all figures, they’re a great way to make yourself stand out from the dozens of other girls wearing skinny jeans around you. Pair baggy denim with a fitted top for a flattering silhouette. You won’t be sorry you did!


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